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Sunday, July 18, 2010

New things

I wanted to try and save this post until I had pictures to post with it but I promise to add some as soon as I remember to take my camera! Tonight, Asher weighed in at 2lbs 10oz which was such a thrill for Nick and I. Im so happy to see him growing so well. He has been having quite a bit of awake time these past few days and I LOVE that he knows my voice and follows it with his eyes. Asher has been doing great this past week. He has continued to pee a lot and I get so excited to see his diaper filled with urine everytime I change him. (You really have to have a baby in the NICU to appreciate pee and poop so much). He is still getting fed continuously because he struggles with reflux. Everytime he has a reflux episode it causes his heart rate to drop (a Brady) and his oxygen saturations go down as well. So, we are staying with the continuous feeds but his primary nurse thinks since he is getting older he is realizing that his tummy is never truly full. Yes he always has food in it but today he seemed so upset and we wondered if it was because he was really hungry? It made my heart break today when he kept crying. Finally we swaddled him and he fell asleep. He also recieved his first tub bath this week where we placed him in a small water basin of warm water and he absolutely loved it! No more bed baths for him! He loves soaking in the water and he actually loves having his hair washed and head massaged.
As of today, Asher has been removed from his CPAP. He no longer has that mask helping him breath but now has only a tiny nasal cannula which Im sure he loves so much better. We are really asking for prayer that Asher tolerates this well and flourishes on it because he does have to work harder now to breath better on his own. Please pray that he would get stronger and stronger everyday and that he could continue to stay on the nasal cannula. Because he was able to come off CPAP they were also able to take the 2 tubes out of his mouth and place only a tiny one down his nose into his tummy. It has been so nice to watch him be able to take a pacifier now and also not gag on 2 tubes tickling the back of his throat. He really just seems like a happier baby now. I love it.
Im really having such a good time being around him more and more everyday and I look forward to holding him more than anything every morning when I wake up. I hope I express enough to God how thankful I am that he chose me to be Asher's mom. Asher is 32 days old today and we are so thankful for each day. Nick has such a gift of peace which I am thankful for because I tend to worry about every little thing. I worry myself all night because he maybe only pooped once in a day not 3 times like the day before. Sheesh....Im so thankful Jesus is in control and Im not. Id lose it for sure. Thank you all for keeping up with our blog and please keep praying with us for Asher's healing everyday. Please pray that God would continue to breath life into him, that Asher would continue growing, that he would continue to poop and pee and that God would give him quality periods of rest so that he can conserve his energy. Thank you a million times for the prayers.

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